Videos of speaker and panel sessions
Day 1 – Unpacking Innovation event Thursday 18 May 2017

Session 1: Welcome and introduction by MC Brook Dixon and includes the Welcome to Country.

Session 2: Official address by Mayor Luke Smith, City of Logan.

Session 3: Hon Mick de Brenni MP speaking about Government collaboration.

Session 4: Barcelona’s smart city expert discusses innovation, digital transformation and the future for cities.

Session 5: Mayors’ and Councillors’ panel discussing local innovation challenges

Session 6: Rod Regier and Avvey Peters discuss Kitchener, Canada’s innovation capital.

Session 7: Professor Lesley Chenoweth leads the education panel about incorporating STEM into the school curriculum. 

Session 8: Chris Eigeland, GO1 Co-founder and Youth Ambassador to the UN shares his local innovation success story.

Session 9: Liza Noonan from CSIRO discusses the art and science of innovation.

Session 10: Hon Dr Jim Chalmers MP talks about innovation, technology and the future of work.

Day 2 – Unpacking Innovation event Friday 19 May 2017

Session 11: Paul Spiro leads the creative panel about putting the ‘creative’ into partnerships.

Session 12: Sandy Burgoyne facilitates the second Mayors’ and Councillors’ panel discussion about bringing the innovation partnership to life.

Session 13: All the way from Cincinatti, Oscar Bedolla shares how Cincinatti has achieved its amazing transformation into a thriving smart city. 

Session 14: Marek Kowalkiewicz, Professor and PWC Chair of Digital Economy, QUT discusses innovation and the digital economy and the critical role of research and collaboration. 

Session 15: A panel of building and development experts discuss how to plan and build innovative communities. 

Session 16: Oakley Kwon from the Queensland Department of Health discusses ‘next gen’ government and how to turn the talk into walk in the public sector. 

Session 17: Hon Leeanne Enoch MP Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy discusses digital inclusion, digital infrastructure and the Advance Queensland initiative.